ABA book helps seniors embrace the power of technology

Just published by the ABA, “Technology Tips for Seniors, Volume 2.0” helps older adults navigate the changes in personal and professional life that have resulted from the online revolution. Legal tech authors Jeffrey Allen and Ashley Hallene introduce readers to new devices and services that enhance safety, convenience and efficiency in and out of the office.

This new volume provides an introductory breakdown of common concepts, technologies and acronyms in the tech world. Allen and Hellene guide new adopters from start to finish, including details of how and where to get hardware at competitive pricing, and address frequently asked questions like what constitutes a strong password. The book even explores popular new technologies like voice assistants and cloud communications in easy-to-understand language. With concise chapters and large font, “Technology Tips for Seniors, Volume 2.0” provides the perfect starting point for boomers looking to become more tech-savvy.

Allen has written about technology for more than 25 years and has lectured about technology and law for almost as long. He serves as editor-in-chief of GPSolo Magazine and the GPSolo eReport. Allen is also a member of the board of editors of Experience Magazine and the Voice of Experience.

Hallene coauthored “Technology Tips for Seniors”, “Technology Tips for Lawyers and Business Professionals”, “Technology Solutions for Today’s Lawyer” and “The iPad for Lawyers” with Jeffrey Allen. She has published several articles in The Young Lawyer and the TechnoLawyer Newsletter. Hallene is also deputy editor-in-chief of the Technology and Reviews Department of the GPSolo eReport.   


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