Foster Swift launches Cybersecurity Hotline to help businesses

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and the number of reported data breaches and other cybersecurity issues are higher than ever. Foster Swift Collins & Smith has launched a Cybersecurity Hotline that will provide businesses, municipalities and other organizations with quick access to cybersecurity attorneys to assist in controlling potential threats. 

Cybersecurity and data protection are issues of increasing concern that are not limited to corporations, financial institutions, health care and other large entities. Cybersecurity incidents and data breaches frequently cause significant expense and reputational harm to organizations, involve important legal obligations, and can result in costly lawsuits and regulatory investigations.

Foster Swift attorneys will respond to inquiries regarding data breach concerns, work with your technology team to help mitigate risk, collaborate with communications teams to minimize negative public relations, and keep breach-related costs controlled.

The hotline’s main contacts will be attorneys Taylor Gast and John Mashni. For assistance regarding a cybersecurity incident or data breach, call (517) FS1-TASK or 371-8275.