MKM Law LLP launches Online Dispute Resolution platform for the e-sports industry

MKM Law LLP, based in Toronto, Canada, has launched MKMediation, an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform for resolving disputes in the e-sports industry.

“In this inherently digital industry, teams, players, and others are situated all around the world,” says Managing Partner, Josh Marcus. “By taking advantage of MKMediation’s ODR technology, litigants are able to save on the costs, travel, and legal unfamiliarity associated with cross-jurisdictional disputes.”

Mediation is an informal dispute resolution process led by a neutral third party who assists throughout contractual and settlement negotiations. By contrast, in arbitration the neutral third party delivers a decision that is final and binding on both parties. Both are collaborative mechanisms that generally require all parties to opt-in to the process.

“This is arguably the most innovative initiative in the history of e-sports law” says MKM President, Evan Kubes. “E-sports is riddled with horror stories about contracts gone awry. Whether it’s players being taken advantage of by the very organizations they represent, or tournament organizers failing to pay out staff or dispense prize money. With the advent MKMediation, such disputes can be resolved quickly and cost-effectively since it offers an alternative to the traditional court system”

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MKM is seeking industry veterans and experienced legal professionals to act as neutrals. Email for more information.