Madonna University paralegal professor works on eighth edition of textbook

As students enroll in Madonna University paralegal studies classes for Winter semester 2021, Mary Meinzinger Urisko, J.D., is working on the eighth edition of the textbook titled “The Paralegal Today”; an introduction to law and paralegal studies. The textbook will be released just in time for the beginning of the Winter semester. Meinzinger Urisko, of West Bloomfield, originally coauthored the textbook with Roger Miller twenty-five years ago. A much-needed resource in 1995, it is still a key text for many paralegal instructors today.

Before publishing her book, Urisko found that many paralegal books were written by non-lawyers and sometimes contained legally inaccurate information. “The paralegal profession was just over twenty years old when we started writing the book,” said Meinzinger Urisko. “There were very few textbooks for use by paralegal program instructors, and the introduction-to-law textbooks that existed did not cover substantive law subjects such as torts, contracts, or criminal law,” she said.

Since its publication, “The Paralegal Today” has been updated to reflect the evolution in how legal services are provided. While more and more services are delivered online, Meinzinger Urisko points out that clients still generally prefer the assurance that comes from personal contact. In keeping with these developments, the book’s Eighth Edition, covers the traditional topics needed in paralegal education, and also features the many online tools now available. Meinzinger Urisko continues to use this textbook, which includes online supplements through Cengage Publishing, to teach introductory paralegal studies courses at Madonna University.

Winter semester classes at Madonna University begin January 18, 2021. Madonna’s paralegal courses are being offered online for the Winter semester, in both live/synchronous, and asynchronous online formats. Students enjoy personal instruction in small classes with experienced instructors. (Winter course offering details are provided below.) The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects much faster than average employment growth for paralegals between 2019 and 2029. Program graduates are employed in local corporate legal departments, large and small law firms, and state and federal courts and government agencies.

Madonna University’s paralegal studies program is approved by the American Bar Association and has maintained its status for more than 35 years. The program offers the only bachelor's degree in paralegal studies in Metro Detroit, along with an associate's degree and post baccalaureate certificate. Bachelor’s degree completion programs are offered through the Macomb and Henry Ford University Centers.