Levin Center at Wayne Law launches podcast series about oversight

The Levin Center at Wayne Law on Jan. 27 launched a podcast,  “Oversight Matters.”

Host Ben Eikey embarks on a behind-the-scenes look at important legislative oversight and investigations by both state legislatures and Congress and the community.

Episode One, Part One features former congressional investigative staff directors Elise Bean and Linda Gustitus discussing their experiences with a wide range of oversight efforts – from credit card company abuses to money laundering.  Specific topics include the operations of the Social Security Disability Program, misleading sweepstakes solicitations, and tax dodging schemes using offshore and Swiss bank accounts.  Throughout the podcast, listeners will hear about the necessary role oversight plays in our legislatures and how legislative investigators follow the facts to help make government accountable.

This podcast is available on the Levin Center’s website at https://law.wayne.edu/levin-center/oversight-matters as well as Apple, Spotify, Google, and anywhere else one receives quality podcasts.