ABA publishes 'Transforming the Global Supply Chain: Cyber Warfare, Technology, and Politics'

A new book from the American Bar Association, “Transforming the Global Supply Chain: Cyber Warfare, Technology, and Politics,” uncovers four MaxTrends largely responsible for the transformations already underway –– the growing presence of cyberthreats, the revolutionary impact of 3D printing, the rapid adoption of robotics and the new ways nations everywhere are seeking to protect their domestic economies from foreign competitors. The MaxTrends™ are happening, and the risks of doing nothing about them are high. The world economy as we once knew it will never return. The challenge now is for U.S. companies to figure out how to adapt to the quickly changing landscape.

The book also takes a close look at China, the elephant in the room when it comes to global trade. Some companies are already beginning the process of moving their supply chains out of China to other locations in Southeast Asia, India and the Americas. Those U.S. companies that are aggressively reacting to economic and political pressures by re-shoring their supply chains back to America are poised to be the most successful over the long run.

“Transforming the Global Supply Chain” provides practical advice and outlines specific strategies for CEOs, boards of directors, senior managers and anyone else directly involved in supply chain activities to adopt now in order to lessen the likelihood of future disruptions to their businesses.

Author Dennis Unkovic is an international attorney, business adviser and author. He is a partner with Pittsburgh-based Meyer, Unkovic, & Scott LLP. Unkovic is an accomplished writer who has written 11 books, contributed to or edited five other books and authored more than 170 articles for professional publications around the world. Several of his books and articles have been published in Japanese, Chinese, Serbo-Croatian and other languages in addition to English.

The book is available as a paperback or eBook for $59.95.  To order, visit www.shopaba.org.