New book guides young lawyers to career success

Recent law school grads spend so much time preparing for the bar exam that they often ignore the crucial months that follow. "How to Achieve Success After the Bar Exam" guides freshly minted graduates as they make the crucial transition from student to lawyer. Through week-by-week activities and practical advice, this book helps new lawyers define their career vision, seek out networking opportunities, demonstrate their value to potential clients, develop accountability and think like a businessperson. "How to Achieve Success After the Bar Exam" helps young lawyers create an eight-week action plan to jump-start their legal career; become the CEO of their life; build a network and forge alliances; develop professional expertise; learn the basics of law practice management; understand how to work with future clients; learn the business aspects of law, including marketing and profitability; and plan strategically for the future.

"How to Achieve Success After the Bar Exam" is by Joan R. M. Bullock, associate dean for teaching and faculty development and an inaugural professor of law at the Florida A&M University College of Law in Orlando.

Published: Thu, Jul 24, 2014