New ABA book offers guidelines for effective anti-bribery compliance program for business

In today’s corporate global landscape, it is necessary for multinational companies to implement anti-corruption policies and programs that are compliant and mitigate risks. A newly released book titled “Designing an Effective Anti-Bribery Compliance Program: A Practical Guide for Business” by the American Bar Association’s Business Law Section, integrates the critical factors that require consideration in designing and implementing an effective anti-bribery compliance program. The book provides a practical framework that is invaluable in almost any legal setting.

This tightly written guidebook takes into account the official guidance and enforcement actions of the United States and the United Kingdom as well as other legal regimes and guidance issued by respected international organizations. It has a general application and useful guidance for whatever jurisdictions may be involved.

In implementing an effective anti-bribery compliance program, the book provides insights on:

• Identifying and understanding the critical components

• Creating a roadmap for implementation

• Designing effective policies and procedures

• Harmonizing polices to accommodate multiple legal regimes

• Establishing the role of senior management

• Developing practical training

• Monitoring the effectiveness of a compliance program

• Undertaking relevant risk management

• Conducting meaningful due diligence

• Drafting effective compliance provisions in legal agreements

The highly practical appendices include a checklist of key components of an effective compliance program and sample compliance provisions for third-party agreements.


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