ABA book helps lawyers master criminal law, investigation to post-conviction

“Criminal Procedure in Practice, Fifth Edition,” from the American Bar Association takes readers step-by-step through the basics of the criminal justice system and breaks down even the most complex topics.

Renowned criminal procedure experts and authors Paul Marcus, Melanie D. Wilson and Jack B. Zimmerman have written a clear and focused guidebook for new prosecutors and defense attorneys.

By explaining all principal Supreme Court decisions and detailing misunderstood subjects — including standing, fruit of the poisonous tree, car stops, privilege against self-incrimination, eyewitness identification, habeas corpus and double jeopardy

— “Criminal Procedure in Practice” analyzes the law consistently across civilian and military settings.

The authors use personal experiences and anecdotes to highlight common tactics, strategies and techniques while cautioning against familiar pitfalls.

Lawyers, police officers and judges will find this new edition both an indispensable introduction to criminal procedure and a valuable reference for first-time scenarios.


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