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  • Mass shootings aren't more frequent - but are deadlier

    December 18, 2017

    ATLANTA (AP) — It can sometimes seem as though mass shootings are occurring more frequently. Researchers who have been studying such crimes for decades say they aren’t, but they have been getting deadlier.

  • Bills target 'doc shopping' by opioid addicts

    December 18, 2017

    LANSING (AP) — Doctors would be required to check a prescription database before prescribing painkillers and other powerful drugs under legislation that won final approval last week, the latest attempt to combat Michigan’s deadly opioid epidemi

  • Supreme Court justices mull over key patent case

    December 18, 2017

    DETROIT — A case that has made its way to the U.S. Supreme Court could have far-reaching implications on a patent review process that was introduced in 2011.

  • At a glance ...

    December 18, 2017

    HOLLY (AP) — Upset about a dog bite? Sometimes it’s better to keep your hand in your pocket.

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