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  • Audit reveals mismanaged funds, errors in finances

    January 24, 2020

    FLINT (AP) — Flint is entrenched in more than $370 million in pension legacy costs that remain unfunded, according to a new audit that also revealed significant errors and financial risks that occurred under the purview of a former mayor.

  • Juvenile lifer to get new sentence in girl's death

    January 24, 2020

    CASSOPOLIS (AP) — A judge set aside a life sentence for a man who was convicted of killing his pregnant girlfriend when they were teenagers and burying her body in southwestern Michigan.

  • Jail bans in-person visits, offers video chats

    January 24, 2020

    FARMINGTON, N.M. (AP) — A northwestern New Mexico jail is no longer allowing family and friends to visit detainees in person and will now offer only phone or online video chats.

  • At a Glance ...

    January 24, 2020

    The American Bar Association CLE programming is now accessible to individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing.

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