NCRA creates international keyboarding team

The National Court Reporters Association has announced formation of a team representing the United States and Canada to compete in the international Keyboarding Championship scheduled to get underway later this month.

The competition is being conducted March 31-May 6 by Intersteno, the International Federation for Information and Communication Processing.

This year’s event challenges participants to prove their typing speeds on the traditional QWERTY keyboard.

This marks the 13th year the international organization has held the competition.

Team NCRA will compete on April 18.

“This international event is a great opportunity for students and NCRA members to showcase their skills on a world stage,” said Jim Cudahy, executive president and CEO of the NCRA, which represents stenographic court reporters and captioners.

He said NCRA is the official group designated to represent the U.S. within Intersteno, “and we work alongside the federation year-round to ensure that the interests and needs of U.S. stenographic reporters are served.”

The contest draws thousands of participants in 16 languages from around the world and consists of 10 minutes of QWERTY text entry using software available on the Intersteno website.

The competition involves two types of championships: mother tongue, where competitors write in their native language; and multilingual where competitors can take part in two or more of the 16 available languages.

Once the competition closes, participants will be able to review the results and how they ranked in the contest.

To register to participate in the contest through Team NCRA, visit The cost to register for the English competition is $7, while the cost to register for the multilingual competition is $10.

Registration for Team NCRA closes on March 27.