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‘Internal Investigations’ topic of FBA program

The Criminal Committee of the Federal Bar Association, Eastern District of Michigan Chapter, will present an “Internal Investigations Seminar” on Tuesday, Jan. 15 at the Detroit Athletic Club.

Co-sponsoring the program are BSP Law, Deloitte, FBA, and  Jones Day.

The seminar is free to all attendees/FBA members but registration is required. 

Visit to register.


U.S. to appeal decision dismissing genital mutilation charges

DETROIT (AP) — Federal prosecutors say they’ll ask an appeals court to reinstate genital mutilation charges thrown out by a Detroit federal judge.

They disclosed their intent to appeal in a court filing Wednesday. Judge Bernard Friedman last month said a federal law that bans female genital mutilation was unconstitutional because Congress didn’t have power to regulate it.

Friedman said Congress “overstepped its bounds.”

Eight people were charged in the case. The government accused Dr. Jumana Nagarwala of performing genital mutilation on nine girls at a suburban Detroit clinic.

She denies any crime and says she performed a religious custom on girls from her Muslim sect.

Another voter ID law challenge filed  in federal court

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — The North Carolina NAACP and several local chapters have sued in federal court challenging a new voter photo identification law.

They contend it contains the same discriminatory flaws as a 2013 voter ID law struck down previously by federal judges.

The civil rights groups filed the lawsuit Thursday and announced details at a Raleigh news conference.

It came a day after Republican legislators overrode Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper's veto of their voter ID bill.

 Some voters filed a separate state court lawsuit challenging it right after Wednesday's override.

The new law implements details of a constitutional referendum mandating voter ID approved last month. It expands the qualifying IDs compared to the 2013 law and provides exceptions, but NAACP attorney
Irv Joyner says the requirements are still tainted by racial animus.

Oregon jail inmates sentenced for stealing ATV to escape

BEND, Ore. (AP) — Two Oregon jail inmates have been incarcerated longer following an escape attempt that Deschutes County Circuit “"one of the dumbest things I’ve seen in a while.”

The Bulletin reports 30-year-old Christopher Turre was sentenced to 90 days in jail, and 34-year-old Shawn McCallister was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office says the two men stole an all-terrain vehicle while on a work detail at the county’s horse rescue ranch in early November.

They drove through a gate and led police on a pursuit before crashing on a field.

Prosecutor Steve Gunnels says both men “were visibly intoxicated and admitted to drinking hand sanitizer.”

He says Turre was one week from release before the escape attempt.