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State lawmakers OK $15M in loans to farmers amid rainfall

LANSING (AP) — The state Legislature is allocating $15 million to a loan program to help farmers grappling with crop losses associated with historic rainfall.

The bill won quick approval Thursday from the Senate and House, and goes to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for her signature.

The legislation would appropriate $15 million into the Agricultural Disaster Loan Origination Program. Growers, processors and handlers can one percent interest rate on loans.

Republican Sen. Dan Lauwers of St. Clair County says the loans give farmers an option for bridging revenue losses.

Judge slows down parole for woman in nursing home deaths

WALKER (AP) — A judge says the Michigan parole board needs to take another look at a woman who has spent 30 years in prison for the deaths of residents a a nursing home.

Catherine Wood last year was granted parole. But Kent County Judge Joe Rossi says the board didn’t properly assess the risk to the public if Wood is released. He also cited other reasons for a review Thursday. She remains in custody.

Five people were suffocated at the Alpine Manor Nursing Home in Walker, near Grand Rapids, in the late 1980s. Wood pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and conspiracy and was sentenced to a maximum prison term of 40 years.

She said she was the lookout for Gwendolyn Graham, who is serving a life sentence. Police say Wood’s cooperation with was crucial in prosecuting Graham.

Urn with man’s ashes stolen after funeral

YORK, Pa. (AP) — Family members say someone stole an urn with a man’s ashes after his funeral in Pennsylvania.

A service for 42-year-old Sam Abreght was held over the weekend at the Salvation Army in York. His cremains were divided into three urns, one of which was to go to his mother.

Family friend Sherrie Ritz tells WGAL-TV most people gathered in a backroom after the funeral and that's when the urn was taken.

Ritz is asking the person to return it.

Police were checking pawn shops.

Nineteen pacifers removed from bulldog’s stomach

BOSTON (AP) — A Boston veterinary hospital got quite a surprise recently when a family brought in their bulldog after he stopped eating.

The Angell Animal Medical Center found 19 baby pacifiers in the dog’s stomach.

It started in April when the Wellesley family noticed that their 3-year-old dog, Mortimer, started getting nauseous before meals. His owner, Emily Shanahan, brought Mortimer to the vet, who prescribed medicine to take care of the issue.

But it didn’t help and Mortimer eventually stopped eating entirely.

Shanahan went to Angell, where they took an X-ray and discovered the pacifiers.

Vets think Mortimer had been taking the pacifiers from Shanahan’s two children over the course of months.

The pacifiers were removed without surgery and Mortimer has fully recovered and is back at home.


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