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Filing deadlines suspended in state’s top court, court of appeals

Deadlines for all filings, jurisdictional and non-jurisdictional, in the Michigan Supreme Court and Court of Appeals are suspended as of March 24, the effective date of Executive Order 2020-21.

They will be “tolled until the expiration of EO 2020-21 or a subsequent EO that extends the period in which citizens are required to suspend activities that are not necessary to sustain or protect life,” according to the Supreme Court order dated March 26.

The order states that filers have the same number of days to submit their filings after the EO expires as they had before the suspension went into effect.

“For example, if the deadline for filing an application for leave to appeal with the Michigan Supreme Court was March 26, 2020, the filer would have three business days after the order expires to timely submit the application with the Court,” the order said.

Prosecutor: Two men freed from prison due to police misconduct

DETROIT (AP) — A judge this week dismissed convictions of two men in prison for drug crimes, including one who has been locked up for more than seven years, after prosecutors said the cases were spoiled by Detroit police misconduct.

“These are the first cases that deal directly with fraudulent search warrant affidavits and other activities by highly unethical and compromised narcotics police officers,” Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy said.

“These cases take time to review, and we expect that there will be more. I will not hesitate to free other wrongfully convicted individuals if we find tainted or fraudulent evidence,” Worthy said.

Darell Chancellor, 38, was convicted of a drug crime in 2012 and sentenced to at least 14 years in prison.

Darrell Richmond, 52, has served less than a year of an eight-year sentence for drug and gun crimes.

Both will be released by the state Corrections Department.

Chancellor lost his appeal in 2014, although appeals court Judge Douglas Shapiro said he would have granted a new trial because of insufficient evidence.

Felon returned to jail after posing with gun on Facebook

MISSOULA, Mont. (AP) — A convicted felon has been sentenced to a year in federal prison after his probation officer saw a picture of him holding guns on a sporting goods company’s Facebook page, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.

Brandon Richmond Turner, 29, of Missoula had been sentenced for a felony in Lake County in January 2017 and was prohibited from possessing firearms, prosecutors said.

His probation officer saw the image in June 2019. Turner admitted he retrieved his rifle and a pistol from a friend, who had agreed to keep his guns after he was convicted.

Turner pleaded guilty in December to being a felon in possession of a firearm and was sentenced last week.


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