Sheriff's office offers Valentine's Day 'special' for exes

NASHVILLE, N.C. (AP) - A North Carolina sheriff's office gave people a chance on Valentine's Day weekend to show their former lovers they're still wanted by turning them in if they had outstanding warrants.

The Nash County Sheriff's Office offered what it called a "Valentine's Day Weekend Special," which it described as "a special too sweet to pass up."

The "offer" posted on its Facebook page included what the sheriff's office described as a set of limited-edition platinum bracelets, free transportation with a chauffeur and a one-night minimum stay in "our luxurious (five-star) accommodations."

It topped the offer with a special Valentine's dinner.

"Operators are standing by," said the post at the end, which included a picture of a rose next to a set of handcuffs.

Some reactions to the post praised the idea as brilliant and hilarious, and one person suggested whoever came up with the idea deserved a raise.

The News & Observer of Raleigh reported others did not find it funny. "Nothing like making a joke about people's freedom!!" one commenter posted.