Estate planning attorney appointed as Muskegon County Probate Court Administrator/Register



Attorney Craig Monette, Muskegon County Probate Court's new Administrator/Register

By Diana L. Coleman

Legal News

The Muskegon County Probate Court has appointed attorney Craig L. Monette as the Probate Court Administrator/Register. He succeeds the Hon. Kathy L. Hoogstra who was recently appointed by Governor Synder as 14th Judicial Circuit Judge.

Monette is an honors graduate of Hope College having received the Hope College Distinguished Scholar Award four years in a row. He graduated from Michigan State University College of Law in 2001 and received honors for a Book Award in Basic Income Tax.  Monette worked as a Program Officer at Community Foundation for Muskegon County (CFMC) and also attended law school at the same time.  While at CFMC, he assisted with the organization and maintenance of the foundation’s $7.2 million scholarship program and also provided management support for the information systems.  Upon completion of law school, Monette joined the firm of Lague, Newman & Irish until 2005 when he opened Law Office of Craig L. Monette, where he focused in estate planning, taxation, real property and business matters.

Muskegon County native, and he and his wife, Amy, have three children and, being from West Michigan, wanted to make his career and home in this location.  Monette has been a practicing attorney for eleven years.

Specializing in estate planning, taxation, real property, and business matters makes him an excellent candidate for the position of Probate Administrator/Register.  Prior to attending law school, Monette had been a Program Officer for six years at the Community Foundation for Muskegon County.

Monette has co-authored three publications:  1)”Personality Type and Political Ideology: Possible Roots of Political Moderation” (1996); 2) “Personality Type and Its Implications on a Person’s Political Ideology” (1995) both of which were presented at the Midwest Political Science Association. The third publication entitled “Economic Indicators: Long and Short Term Economic Trends and U.S. Foreign Policy Assertiveness” was presented at the International Studies Association in 1993.

In his spare time, Monette serves as a board member at the Hume Home Assisted Living Center.

He is also Chair of the Dalton Township Zoning Board of Appeals, and on the Dalton Township Board of Review.