And then there were four: Muskegon County judicial races move to final phase

By Diana L. Coleman
Legal News

The August 2 primary election narrowed the field for the highly sought-after judicial seats on the Probate and District Courts for Muskegon County.  Five candidates were seeking the position of Probate/Family Court Judge and four candidates were seeking the open judicial position in the 60th District Court. While the election may have provided some surprises for the Probate Judgeship, the race was close with second and third place only 106 votes apart.  The District Court primary election results showed a much wider spread of votes between each of the four candidates.

The two remaining candidates for Probate Court Judge whose names will appear on the November ballot are Brenda E. Sprader and Joseph S. Bush.  The District Court Candidates on the general election ballot will be Geoffrey T. Nolan and Paula Baker Mathes.
The election results as posted on the Muskegon County Clerk’s website were as follows:

Probate Judge results were Brenda E. Sprader 6,043 votes, Joseph S. Bush 5,161 votes, Jenny L. McNeill 5,055 votes, David B. Kortering 4,002 votes, Eric C. Grimm 2,704 votes, and write-in votes 55.

District Court Judge results were Geoffrey T. Nolan 11,501 votes, Paula Baker Mathes 6,366 votes, Al Swanson 3,468 votes, Joshua S. EldenBrady 1,281 votes, and write-in votes 63.

Candidates will be busy from now until November campaigning for the open judicial positions.