High school seniors urged to sign up to vote


On May 11, Josie James spoke to a room full of Muskegon Heights high schoolers about their right to vote, and she and others stood ready to register those who were of age. James and the other volunteers were representing the NAACP, which is seeking ways to get more people’s voices heard in the upcoming elections.  James also spoke to the students briefly about the history of voter suppression and the tremendous importance of knowing and exercising their voting rights.

James is also working on the joint NAACP/American Civil Liberties Union Promote the Vote campaign, which calls for any-reason absentee ballots, election audits, and automatic registration at the Secretary of State, among other things. A previous version of this story erroneously reported that she spoke to the students about Promote the Vote, but that campaign was not any part of the May presentation. We apologize for the misunderstanding.


Photo by Cynthia Price