Dogs enjoy paddling and other activities at their beach


A number of folks just enjoyed the Dog Beach Sunday, kayaks or not.

A number of things had to come together for last Sunday’s Paddle and Pups event to offer a great time for dogs and their owners as well.

First of all, Paddle Muskegon had to come into existence. The new program of the Muskegon Sports Council, whose director Eric Strickler was recently featured in these pages when he and Dan Bonner paddle-boarded across Lake Michigan, seeks to encourage paddle sports in the area and offers instruction at Snug Harbor or the Muskegon State Park on Sundays, and will rent kayaks and boards. For more information, visit their Facebook page or email

Second, Pound Buddies partnered with them to give dogs a good time. The Pound Buddies shelter offers dogs for adoption, and, says Hannah of Pound Buddies, “The dogs we brought down had a blast.”

For more information about how to adopt, see

Third, the Dog Beach, where the inaugural event was held, had to be in tip-top shape. There has been some controversy about the cleanliness of the beach lately, since there have been a lot of new visitors who may not know the rules.

Volunteers helped clean up but also assured that people had bags so they could clean up after themselves.

Fourth, the terrible storms of Sunday night held off.

The result? Everyone had a great time and is looking forward to next year.