Reindeer draw kids downtown, despite lacking shiny noses


Photos by Cynthia Price

A couple of plump reindeer drew a long line of curious kids last Saturday when Hackley Public Library sponsored a viewing in honor of the holidays they are so often associated with.

On the grounds of the Hackley Administration Building directly across from Hackley Park and diagonally across from the library itself.

Reindeer, which may believe were the first domesticated animals, are bulkier than the ones associated with Christmas and the “Night Before” verses by Clement Moore.

The daughter of the owners of GG?Reindeer Farm, Molly (in bottom photo), came along with two of their small herd. One had already lost his antlers - the males usually shed them first - and there were some lying on the ground near the fenced-in area where they stayed as local children came up to them.

Hackley Library’s Children’s Department hosted a lot of exciting holiday events, as do others. At the same time as the reindeer were downtown, Norton Shores Library hosted Santa.