Competition for the groundhog

Hope that summer will stick around a while?

A strictly scientific experiment will take place on Aug. 27 to see if that can be arranged. On that day in history, at 5:00 p.m. in front of the new Boom Town Market (351 W. Western Ave., downtown Muskegon), come down to find out if the cute little stuffed Muskegon Muskrat  Frank casts a shadow. If he does, eight more weeks of summer are guaranteed to follow.

If he doesn’t, all that is guaranteed is a great time.

The brainchild of Boom Town owner Dana Precious, Muskegon Muskrat Day is not only a bid for Muskegon notoriety, it is also a party in and of itself.  “If a groundhog can put Punxsutawney PA on the national map, a muskrat can do the same for Muskegon MI,” says Precious.  “Bars and restaurants up and down Western Avenue and Pine Street will have special ‘muskrat’ drinks and food.

This includes Boom Town, a “little hometown grocery market” which hopes to special-order nearly everything customers request in addition to carrying a nice line of food, beer, wine, and household needs.

As word spreads, Muskegon Muskrat Day is turning into a real festival.  “It's a progressive block party,” Precious says. “A blow out summer finale!” Well, that is, a finale unless the muskrat sees his shadow...