End of summer - or not?


Save the last splash for me

Though there has been some highly scientific doubt thrown into the mix about whether summer is going to end (see article below), it is still clear that the carefree days of vacationing and nowhere to be are gone for kids, due to the start of school (which mysteriously was very staggered in Muskegon County despite a 2005 state law to the contrary).

Leading up to Labor Day, people flocked to Pere Marquette’s beautiful beach to hit the water one more time, even as events like the Burning Foot Beer Festival and the previously-covered Great Lakes Surf Festival took up much of the space there.

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8 more weeks of summer ‘forecast’

With his usual dramatic flair, Muskegon Mayor Steve Gawron stepped out in front of Boomtown Market in downtown Muskegon and thrust a stuffed muskrat named Frank up in the air over his head.

As expected since the sun was out, the muskrat saw its shadow. Or at least, since the little rodent really was incapable of seeing much of anything, the crowd present for the first annual event saw its shadow.

And that was good enough for an official forecast of eight more weeks of summer, heralded by all including Boomtown Market’s Dana Precious, who started the whole thing.

Take that, Punxsutawney Phil.

Head to the Facebook page, Muskegon Muskrat Day Muskrat, to see photos of the event, including charming plastic top hats with gossy muskrat picture fronts that were available that reflected the Steampunk theme of the day.