NALS of Michigan announces 2020-2021 state executive board of directors

NALS of Michigan held a membership business meeting via Zoom on May 16.

The following members were elected to the 2020-2021 State Executive Board of Directors, including two women from the West Michigan area:

• President: Laleise D. Curtiss (NALS of Detroit), who has worked in the legal field for more than three decades. She joined NALS in 2016.

• Vice President of Membership and Marketing: Rashonda Wilson (NALS of Detroit);

• Vice President of Certification and Education: Heidi Hopper, PP, PLS (NALS of Lansing)

• Executive Secretary: Kathy Rood (NALS of Lansing)

• Treasurer: Natacha Valmont (NALS of West Michigan)

• Parliamentarian: Teresa Garber, PP, CLP (NALS of West Michigan)

The 2020 Legal Professional of the Year is Erin Carr, PP, PLS (NALS of Jackson County), who has worked for Marcoux Allen in Jackson for nearly four decades.

NALS of West Michigan is the recipient of the Clara LaGow award, presented to the local Michigan NALS chapter with the highest percentage of members who passed and obtained the combined ALP (Accredited Legal Professional), PLS (Professional Legal Secretary) and PP (Professional Paralegal) certification during the year.

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