Michigan Supreme Court appoints members of the Michigan Judicial Council

The Michigan Supreme Court recently announced the appointment of 29 individuals to the newly-created Michigan Judicial Council (MJC) which is charged with developing a strategic plan for the judicial branch of government.

Created by the addition of Michigan Court Rule 8.128, the MJC is expected to convene this month, and embark on a strategic planning process that will include visioning, analyzing trends, reviewing outreach data, and developing strategic goals and long-term strategies for advancing judicial branch reform and improvements.

The MJC begins its work with many ongoing initiatives already underway:

  • Justice for All Task Force
  • Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • Michigan Joint Task Force on Jail and Pretrial Incarceration
  • MiFILE:
  • MI-Resolve:
  • Trial Court Funding Commission:
  • Virtual Courtrooms:
  • Problem-Solving Courts (PSCs):

The following individuals are appointed to the Michigan Judicial Council established by MCR 8.128:

For terms ending December 31, 2022:

  Justice Elizabeth T. Clement (Michigan Supreme Court Justice)
  Judge William A. Baillargeon (At-Large Judge)
  Judge Aaron J. Gauthier (At-Large Judge)
  James A. McGrail (Trial Court Administrator/ Probate Court Registrar)
  Judge Melissa L. Pope (Michigan Tribal State Federal Judicial Forum)
  James W. Heath (Attorney)
  Angela S. Tripp (Justice For All Commission Member)
  Sheryl M. Kubiak (Member of the Public)

For terms ending December 31, 2023:

  Judge Martha D. Anderson (Michigan Judges Association)
  Judge Susan L. Dobrich (Michigan Probate Judges Association)
  Judge Michelle Friedman Appel (Michigan District Judges Association)
  Judge Herman Marable, Jr. (Association of Black Judges of Michigan)
  Judge Mary B. Barglind (At-Large Judge)
  Zenell B. Brown (Trial Court Administrator/ Probate Court Registrar)
  Lindsay A. Oswald (County Clerk)
  Marilena David-Martin (Attorney)
  Tamara Brubaker-Salcedo (Member of the Public)

For terms ending December 31, 2024:

  Judge Jon A. Van Allsburg (Michigan Judges Association)
  Judge John D. Tomlinson (Michigan Probate Judges Association)
  Judge Demetria Brue (Michigan District Judges Association)
  Judge Kameshia D. Gant (Association of Black Judges of Michigan)
  Judge Helal A. Farhat (At-Large Judge)
  Ines Straube (Trial Court Administrator/Probate Court Registrar)
  Valerie J. Robbins (Trial Court Administrator/ Probate Court Registrar)
  Justin F. Roebuck (County Clerk)
  Thomas W. Cranmer (Attorney)


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