Letter to the Editor

I am writing you as a Board member of non-partisan R.O.A.D. (Reviving Our American Democracy.) Our mission, as implied by our name, has never been more challenging as our State, and our nation, reach depressing depths of division and angry words.

That’s why we’ve decided to (and we hope you will) throw support behind the efforts of the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission (MICRC.)  In November 2018, Michigan voters amended the state Constitution with the “Voters, Not Politicians” ballot proposal to “establish a commission of citizens with exclusive authority to adopt district boundaries for the Michigan Senate, the Michigan House of Representatives and U.S. Congress, every 10 years.”

The Commission consists of 13 registered Michigan voters (4 Democrats, 4 Republicans and 5 Independents) to avoid the serious gerrymandering that has gone on in our State for years.

The Commission is currently in the process of drawing voting districts that reflect “communities of interest” (not a political party) recommended by non-partisan citizen groups like R.O.A.D. and others. You can express your own opinion by sending your email to:


Finally, your vote will count ... this November and for years to come!

And hopefully, we’ll be able to revive our American Democracy!

Tim Prosch
6811 Sunset Lane
Montague, MI