Red Lion Squadron says 'thank you' for donations


Editor’s Note: The following message from Ann Arbor Cooley Law School Assistant Dean Daniel Ray accompanied the photo above and a message from the military unit receving donations recently collected via Opertion Iraq Pac:  
“By way of a bit of background, many of the boxes of donations sent on Thursday, March 18 arrived in Iraq last Thursday, March 25, just eight days after being shipped.
“That's a record, as far as I know.  There are more to follow, and some of them may have arrived by now.
“If you want to know where your donations are going, the attached mail explains it.  And note, too, how members of this helicopter squadron -- who really need the donations themselves -- decided to take a portion of the donations and give them to forward Marine units that are even more in need.
“The sacrifices these troops make to serve and to support one another are really inspiring.
“Just thought you might want to know what a difference you've made.
––Daniel Ray

Dear Friends,
Once again we find ourselves in the middle of a desert in the Middle East and once again we find ourselves being supported by the most incredible supporters in the  world. 
We greatly appreciate all the time and effort each and every one of you put in to making this possible.  The squadron was into our first month here with our noses to the grind stone when from seemingly out of nowhere our chow hall was filled with candies, snacks, magazines, hygiene gear and lots of love. 
We have added many new members to the Red Lion Family so I had to explain the story about Operation Iraq Pac and how it all started with one squadron some time ago now. 
Now, everyone is very familiar with the organization and have asked me to send this photo. 
 As a helicopter squadron we get afforded the opportunity to see other base and FOBs (Forward Operating Bases) that simply consists of a few tents, a few pallets of water and a few boxes of MREs (Meals Ready to Eat).
We felt that your generosity should be shared, so we took some of the goodies and hygiene gear items and gave it to the Marines in these locations.
 Just wanted you to know that some of items you have sent have made it to the deepest part of Afghanistan to very appreciative Marines and Sailors (there’s always a corpsman or two around). 
Thank you for your continued support,
GySgt Eddie Garcia
HMH 363
Squadron Gunnery Sergeant