Bill would aid collection of child support payments

The Daily Record Newswire

A bill that would aid states in collecting delinquent child support payments has been introduced in the Senate with bipartisan support.

The Strengthen and Vitalize Enforcement of Child Support (SAVE Child Support) Act, S. 1383, introduced by Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., would create a child support lien registry in each state, use data from child support agencies to help intercept payments made to individuals who fail to pay child support, require greater coordination between child support agencies and license-issuing agencies to ease the process of revoking certain licenses, permits and passports, and require complete repayment of arrears before passports can be restored.

The measure would also protect the right of non-custodial parents to visit with their children by requiring states to report on plans to facilitate access to and visitation of children by their parents.

It would also extend federal debt protection laws to cover private child support collection agencies in order to protect families from deceptive and harassing practices.

"The bill streamlines child support enforcement by supplying states with new tools for interstate child support orders.

"With these improvements in place, dead-beat parents will not be able to hide from their obligations to their children," said Menendez in a statement after the measure was introduced.

Menendez has introduced similar measures in past congressional sessions.

"Ineffective enforcement of child support orders is a serious problem that threatens children's well-being," Sen. Grassley, R-Iowa, cosponsor of the measure, said in a statement.

"Oftentimes a child support payment can help keep a struggling family out of poverty and off of welfare.

"The purpose of this legislation is to improve child support collections while also focusing on the fact that noncustodial parents should have regular opportunities to see their children."

Published: Thu, Jul 28, 2011