McCormack accepts nomination for the Michigan Supreme Court

Law professor pledges a fair shake for all

Bridget Mary McCormack, dean of Clinical Affairs at the University of Michigan Law School, accepted the nomination to serve an eight-year term on the Michigan Supreme Court.

The Ann Arbor resident was nominated last week at the Michigan Democratic Party convention in Lansing, as were Wayne County Circuit Judge Connie Marie Kelley and Southfield District Judge Sheila Johnson.

McCormack's name will appear on the non-partisan section of the general election ballot on Tuesday, November 6.

In accepting her nomination McCormack said: "Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has noted that the founding fathers said the court is the place where being right should be more important than being powerful, and where fairness trumps strength. In our country, that place is supposed to be the courtroom,"

"We're for sticking up for our families, our workers, our fellow citizens. We believe the little guy deserves the same fair shake in court as the big guy. We believe the courts should be the branch of government where everybody, no matter who you are, is on an equal footing and that true justice knows no favorites."

McCormack has been endorsed by retiring Justice Marilyn Kelly.

McCormack graduated with highest honors from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut and New York University Law School, and won the school's top prize for legal clinic work.

She started her career at The Legal Aid Society before taking a teaching fellowship at the Yale Law School.

In 1998, she joined the faculty at the University of Michigan Law School where she is currently responsible for giving law students "hands-on" experience helping clients in a courtroom.

Under McCormack's leadership, the program has expanded to include clinics dedicated to children's health, low-income taxpayers, the wrongfully accused, and business entrepreneurs.

McCormack is married to Steven Croley, who is also a lawyer and law professor at the University of Michigan Law School. They have four children.

Last week, the Republicans nominated Oakland Circuit Court Judge Colleen O'Brien as well as incumbent justices Stephen Markman and Brian Zahra.

Gov. Rick Snyder appoined Zajra to the seat last year to replace Maura Corrigan, who left to become director of the Michigan Departmnet of Human Services. He is required to run for the chance to complete the final two years of that term.

Three seats are up for grabs in the election to be held Nov. 6.

Published: Thu, Sep 13, 2012