Monday Profile: Jessica Maloney

 By Jo Mathis

Legal News
Ann Arbor.
What would surprise people about your job? How much fun we have! I think most people have an idea that law firms are “all business”. Believe me, there are times that require that demeanor, but in our office we value the time that allows us to sit back and enjoy the company of the people we work with, even if it only lasts a couple minutes.
What one thing do you wish people knew about the work of a paralegal? Paralegals are unable to give legal advice. I think that some of the general population believes that because our occupation falls under the “law” category that we know as much as attorneys do. In the end, giving legal advice will always be the attorney’s job. However, that being said, paralegals perform a variety of tasks to assist lawyers. And, at Lorandos Joshi, paralegals are an important part of our trial team. A good paralegal will ensure that all the i's are dotted and t’s crossed when it comes to trial preparation. 
What is something most people don't know about you? I’m one of six girls in my family. I share the title of the youngest with my twin sister. People joke to us that “Maloney sisters continuously pop up out of nowhere and everywhere”. 
What’s the best advice you ever received? My dad has always said, “Always be ready for your public.” It basically means, whenever you are out in the world, be prepared to run into or meet anyone. It may be someone from your past, present or someone to help with your future and if it happens, you want to be prepared.
Favorite local hangout:  Jolly Pumpkin.
What is your most treasured material possession? An Irish Claddagh ring my twin sister gave me. We have matching ones. Every time I see it, I think of her.
Must-see TV:  “The Mindy Project.” 
What’s your biggest regret? That I didn’t take my education as seriously in high school and at the beginning of college. If I had, I might have been further in my career at this point.
You intern at the Legal Resource Center, a free resource for non-represented litigants in Washtenaw County located in the Washtenaw County Courthouse. What do you do there? We work hand in hand with the other offices, including the judge’s chambers and the clerk’s office to ensure the forms we supply to patrons are accurate. The forms we have focus on domestic, small claims and probate cases. I love to watch exactly how the court system works. It’s amazing to see that each individual who walks through the front doors, employee, intern or a party to a case, has a role in how the court operates. 
What word do you overuse? “Absolutely.”   
What’s one thing you would like to learn to do? Gardening! I have a terrible green thumb. This past spring/summer I made my first attempt at a small garden. It didn’t turn out terrible, but I still have a ways to go.
Favorite movie:   “Sleepless in Seattle.”
What place won’t you return if you can help it? I’m sure I’m going to get some grief for this, but I’d have to say Ohio State University’s campus during a U-M football game. Their fans are ruthless!