New book solves the great lawyer riddle

 If lawyers are so smart, why are so many of them unhealthy, unhappy, and unfulfilled—or fast on their way to becoming so? 

Lawyer and wellness expert Andy Clark calls this the “Great Lawyer Riddle”, and he solves it in his new book, Lawyer Wellness Is NOT An Oxymoron.
In the book, Clark demonstrates that sustained health, happiness, and fulfillment are the three essential ingredients of a high quality of life—which, at the end of the day, is what we all want—and that the only way to achieve them is by living a wellness lifestyle.
Clark debunks many of the myths about lawyers and wellness, and shows that investing in personal wellness does not, as many lawyers believe, require a sacrifice to the quality of a lawyer’s practice.  On the contrary, the book explains how practicing law within a wellness lifestyle actually makes you a better, more effective lawyer, with an enhanced ability to provide value to your clients—and to create wealth for yourself—over the short and long term. This has never been so crucial as it is in today’s tumultuous and rapidly changing legal services landscape.
For the many lawyers who think that health, happiness, fulfillment, and a successful law practice cannot co-exist—that lawyer wellness IS an oxymoron—the book is chock-full of easy-to-implement best practices that provide a practical blueprint for a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life—and to enhanced career performance—even for the busiest and most overworked lawyers among us.
In fact, Clark argues that lawyers, more than most people, already possess the three essential skills that wellness living requires. As a result, they are perfectly positioned to adopt a wellness lifestyle, to change the legal profession for the better, and to be wellness leaders for the world.
New York attorney Brian Early calls the book “an essential tool for achieving health, happiness and fulfillment. It is the Bluebook for getting the most out of your life and your practice.” Vancouver lawyer Danielle Rondeau adds that “Lawyer Wellness is Not an Oxymoron has the potential to not only save individual lawyers from living a dissatisfying life, but to restore life back into our weathered profession, and in turn secure its future. This is a book to be lived by all lawyers.”
As a result of his years of experience in the legal trenches, his passion for wellness, and his multiple lifestyle coaching certifications, Andy Clark has a unique expertise in the field of wellness and quality of life enhancement for lawyers. He is the founder of Wellness Lawyer Inc., which empowers lawyers to create a career in law that enhances – rather than erodes – their overall quality of life. He lives with his wife and four young children in New Brunswick, Canada.