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Infectious disease does not follow the path of a societal issue that can easily be addressed and resolved within the law. It mutates, its diagnosis is muddied, its DNA may adapt and its host animals or humans will migrate, spreading the illness. Law may be an art form, but the science of pathogenic microbes is definitely more technical and less artistic. So the lawyer must know that the power of persuasive oratory has never moved a single virus.

"Infectious Disease: Policy, Law and Regulation" is a newly released book from the American Bar Association that looks at litigation regarding infection-related illnesses and their compensation. The book gives insight on handling claims from a victim who attempts to prove that the cause of their specific infection was the negligent act of an entity that is a "vector" of their type of illness, such as a hospital, surgeon, restaurant or retail marketplace.

"Infectious Disease" is written by James O'Reilly, volunteer professor of law at the University of Cincinnati, and Dr. Victoria Wells Wulsin. O'Reilly has taught FDA law since 1980 and has authored 40 books and 175 articles. Wulsin is an advocate for global health, and has fought against HIV and STD infections in Kenya as well as in America.

"Infectious Disease: Policy, Law and Regulation" costs $79.95 and can be ordered by calling 800-285-2221 or visiting

Published: Thu, Jan 07, 2016