ABA publishes second edition of consumer law book

Consumer protection laws seek to correct a mistaken impression that a product or a service has a greater value than it actually does, and by doing so, prevent consumer injury.

Understanding the objective, however, is a good deal easier than understanding the many federal and state laws designed to accomplish it.

The newly released American Bar Association book, “Consumer Protection Law Developments, Second Edition,” picks up where the first edition book released in 2009 left off and can be used to synthesize consumer protection law into a coherent and objective summary of court decisions, enforcement actions, agency regulations and guidelines in an important and evolving area of the law.

Now expanded to two volumes, the second edition encompasses a broader and deeper scope that addresses significant consumer protection developments since its last publication, including updates covering:

• The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPD), established with the passage of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010

• Discussions on the impact of new technologies on consumer protection law

• Expansion in state consumer protection law enforcement

• The ever-growing importance of international legal precedent

“The new edition covers significant consumer protection developments since the first hardbound publication came out in 2009,” said Morgan Lewis partner Daniel Savrin, co-chair of the CPLD editorial board. Christine Sommer of Wilmer Hale, who also serves as co-chair of the CPLD editorial board, said that “it is our aim that the second edition of CPLD will be an essential desk reference for lawyers, in-house counsel and agency personnel, who are addressing consumer protection issues at all levels.”

The book is available at shopaba.org.