Letter to the Editor


I’ve lived in the 7th Congressional District for 40 years.

During that time, congressional candidate Gretchen Driskell made an impression on me. As mayor of Saline for 14 years, she always made herself available to our community, and took great pride in her position. She kept a balanced budget while helping the city grow.

Driskell cared about the individuals she represented, and took time to meet with community members towards the betterment of Saline. She was a constant presence in town, be it political gatherings, school events, community events, or patronizing the local restaurants and shops.

In contrast, attempts to contact the incumbent, Congressman Tim Walberg, were usually unsuccessful. I attended numerous “Town Hall” meetings, hoping for informative conversation. Every meeting was a fresh disappointment; questions were screened and discussion was not allowed.

The actions/inactions of our current Congressman are an ongoing source of dissatisfaction. His lack of interest in his constituency is appalling. It’s startling to hear and read exaggerations and misstatements about his education, professional experience, accomplishments, and overall interest in representing this district. Refusing to follow the state mandated COVID guidelines indicates a true lack of care for the wellbeing of those who voted him into office; even less for those who didn’t!

An elected official should pay attention to their constituents. The incumbent has repeatedly voted against lowering medical costs, and would like to repeal the Affordable Care Act. He supports raising the age of retirement, knowing that most people have physical and mental health considerations by the current retirement age, and can’t possibly work until they’re 70. Voting against accessibility to the ACA and Medicare/Medicaid, boldly ensures more suffering and early deaths in his district and across the country.

Gretchen Driskell supports lowering the cost of medications, and making health care affordable and accessible for all. She understands the importance of mental health care, knowing the tragic impact that lack of availability of such care has on an individual and their community.

To Mr. Walberg, “liberty and justice for all” are simply words he utters to a flag; meaningless in his actions. He is repulsed by the LBGTQ+ community, shuns the disabled, consistently opposes rights for women, and is against workers’ right to organize.

Gretchen Driskell has always been concerned about every citizen in her care. She fights for the causes that allow people to live with dignity, whatever their stature in life.

 —— Sheila Graziano


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