Art Therapy


Oakland County Circuit Court Judges Colleen O’Brien (left) and Mary Ellen Brennan admired the artwork at the reception. Brennan also provided remarks during the event.  

Photo by John Meiu

The Oakland County Family-Focused Juvenile Drug Court once again presented “Self-Exploration Through Art” on Tuesday, Feb. 18, on the second floor of the Oakland County Courthouse in Pontiac. The Juvenile Drug Court program is designed to address the problem of substance abuse for eligible youth in the Oakland County juvenile justice system.  Participants of the Juvenile Drug Court have taken part in a seven-week art therapy program designed to provide insight into the therapeutic aspects of art as a means of self-exploration. Family Therapist Ellene Corace led the project wherein students were given various mediums and asked to explore self-expression through visual imagery. “Part of our purpose is to help the kids gain some insight into what led them to be part of our Juvenile Drug Program,” Brennan said. “Art therapy is another tool that we use in terms of insight and a little bit of self-exploration to see if they can access what got them here and what changes they need to make so that their life looks like the way they want their life to look. The beautiful artwork is a lucky by-product of that.”


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