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  • Duly Noted . . .

    May 27, 2016

    Rates of recidivism and unemployment for graduates of drug, sobriety, mental health, and veterans treatment courts in Michigan continued to drop dramatically, according to a report released this week by the Michigan Supreme Court.

  • Two-way trade

    May 27, 2016

    Six million U.S. jobs depend on trade with Mexico – including 175,000 Michigan jobs.

  • 'Roadshow' rolls into Detroit

    May 27, 2016

    A “Rules Amendment Roadshow” made a stop in Detroit May 19 at the federal courthouse.

  • Abrahamsen's diligent pro bono work attracts Worsfold award

    May 25, 2016

    Paul Abrahamsen, who takes his job coordinating local attorneys’ pro bono work for Legal Aid of West Michigan so seriously that his license plate reads “Pro Bono,” makes it clear that he does not feel qualified to join the ranks of thos

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