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  • Attorney fights to lessen the impact of ?fracking? on Great Lakes basin

    April 24, 2014

     By Sheila Pursglove Legal News   “Fracking” — funny word, serious subject. And a hot button topic for Stephanie Karisny, a staff attorney at the Great Lakes Environmental Law Center in midtown Detroit.  “A lot of my

  • DIY Estate Planning?

    April 24, 2014

     Lowe’s and Home Depot have made DIY (Do It Yourself) projects a household name.  Easy directions, helpful advice, and available materials make building a shed, planting a garden, or fixing the plumbing within reach of the average lay perso

  • Thursday Profile: Kelly LaGrave

    April 24, 2014

    Kelly LaGrave has been a business and corporate paralegal with Foster Swift Collins & Smith, in Lansing for the past 21 years. She received a BA from James Madison College at Michigan State University and a certified paralegal designation in 1994, as wel

  • Watch out for the questioner?s ?wiggle and squirm?

    April 24, 2014

     By Daniel I. Small Dolan Media Newswire   In a previous column, I covered Rule No. 5 for witnesses: Don’t answer a question you don’t understand, and the challenge of imposing discipline on the process by responding simply with, “Pleas

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