Juvenile mental health courts created in Michigan

Snyder completes consideration of legislation as governor

To improve mental health treatment options for minors, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder last Friday signed legislation creating mental health courts and expanding access to assisted outpatient treatment in Michigan.

“Michiganders going through our problem-solving courts have had great success and focusing specifically on mental health treatment for minors will further improve outcomes for our younger residents,” Snyder said. House Bills 5806-5808, sponsored by state Rep. Julie Calley, move participation of minors from traditional problem-solving courts into specific juvenile mental health courts.

Snyder also signed 44 other bills:

• SB 404, sponsored by state Sen. Margaret O’Brien, provides for a waiver on state identification cards for veterans.

• SBs 906 and 907, sponsored by state Sen. Jack Brandenburg, provides for a sales and use tax exemption for the purchase or lease of a school bus or school bus service under certain circumstances.

• SB 991, sponsored by state Sen. Dale Zorn, requires a school’s governing body to update the Michigan State Police biannually of the emergency contact points through which an official for the school is able to receive information acquired by a school safety hotline.

• SB 1034, sponsored by state Sen. Darwin Booher, modifies language relating to property tax exemptions for qualified forest property.

• SB 1136, sponsored by state Sen. Dave Robertson, establishes an inland lake aquatic invasive plant species control and eradication program.

• SBs 1195-1196, sponsored by state Sens. Rebekah Warren and Tom Casperson, will impose a fee on the disposal of certain radioactive waste in landfills as well as regulating the disposal of certain radioactive waste in landfills.

• HB 4319, sponsored by state Rep. Curt VanderWall, allows the surviving spouse of a totally disabled veteran to use disabled veteran registration plate.

• HB 4333, sponsored by state Rep. Tommy Brann, enacts sentencing guidelines for crimes of animal cruelty.

• HB 4474, sponsored by state Rep. Gary Glenn, allows for possession of concealed pistols on military premises.

• HB 4747 and 4748, sponsored by state Reps. Kim LaSata and Julie Calley, respectively, allow candidates for township offices to pay a filing fee in lieu of nominating petition and makes the fee nonrefundable.

• HB 4780, sponsored by state Rep. Klint Kesto, designates the Michigan Compiled Laws Database as an official source of law.

• HB 4990, sponsored by state Rep. Tommy Brann, revises vehicle registration fees for vehicles owned and operated for nonprofit food banks and food pantries.

• HB 5090, sponsored by state Rep. Scott VanSingel, modifies penalties for certain vehicles failure to stop at weigh station.

• HB 5372, sponsored by state Rep. Joe Bellino, allows medication assisted treatment program to be required for certain individuals as part of their sentence.

• HB 5439, sponsored by state Rep. Mary Whiteford, creates a psychiatric bed registry.

• HB 5639, sponsored by state Rep. Brett Roberts, requires the Secretary of State to issue a vehicle identification number and title under certain circumstances.

• HB 5801, sponsored by state Rep. Kathy Crawford, modifies the information required for a notice of an election concerning a millage increase.

• HB 5810, sponsored by state Rep. Hank Vaupel, replaces certain alternative mental health treatments with assisted outpatient treatment.

• HBs 5818-5819, sponsored by state Reps. Vanessa Guerra and Klint Kesto, respectively, allow guardians authority to consent to mental health treatment.

• HB 5820, sponsored by state Rep. Klint Kesto, revises procedures for involuntary mental health treatment and judicial admissions.

• HB 5837, sponsored by state Rep. Aaron Miller, allows qualifying out-of-state municipalities/political subdivisions and Canadian provinces to become members in a Michigan joint agency.

• HB 6049, sponsored by state Rep. James Lower, provides for a shift of certain assessment functions to county equalization departments.

• HB 6108, sponsored by state Rep. Jim Lilly, sets sentencing guidelines for signing a petition with multiple names.

• HB 6129-6131, sponsored by state Reps. Klint Kesto, Julie Calley and Brandt Iden respectively, provides for powers and duties of a directed trustee.

• HB 6147, sponsored by state Rep. Pat Green, designates a portion of M-53 as the “Sergeant Wouters Memorial Highway.”

• HB 6344, sponsored by state Rep. Sam Singh, consolidates district courts in East Lansing, Lansing and Ingham County to one countywide district court.

• HB 6465, sponsored by state Rep. Dan Lauwers, adopts Coast Guard standards for permits for ballast water discharge from oceangoing vessels.

• HB 6475, sponsored by state Rep. Thomas Albert, provides for general amendments to the State Police Retirement Act.

• HBs 6476-6481, sponsored by state Reps. Tom Albert, Steve Johnson, and Rob VerHeulen, updates references to the state police retirement act.

• HB 6484, sponsored by state Rep. Triston Cole, provides exception to abolition of tort liability for damage to property.

• HB 6486, sponsored by state Rep. Curt VanderWall, allows electronic title for vehicles with a lienholder for watercraft.

• HB 6491, sponsored by state Rep. Lana Theis, enacts insurance data security model law.

• HB 6498, sponsored by state Rep. Brandt Biden, revises regulation of motor vehicle manufacturers and dealers and requirements for dealer agreements.

The bills above have been filed with the Office of the Great Seal.

Snyder also vetoed one other bill:

SB 1176, sponsored by state Sen. Mike Shirkey, would have prohibited the disclosure of certain donor information. In his veto letter, Gov. Snyder wrote that the broad prohibitions in this bill
will impair the executive branch’s ability to protect donors. In addition, he wrote that he believes this legislation is a solution that is in search of a problem that doesn’t exist in Michigan.

For additional information on this and other legislation, visit www.legislature.mi.gov.

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