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  • Overall lateral hiring plummets, especially lateral associate hiring

    July 23, 2021

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — After remaining relatively steady in 2019, lateral hiring fell by more than 30% overall in 2020, driven in large part by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on recruiting.

  • Municipal Notices

    July 23, 2021

    NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Norton Shores City Council, at its regular meeting of July 20, 2021, adopted the following amendment:

  • Law Life: The cost of not paying attention, and the payoffs when we do

    July 23, 2021

    When your to-do list runneth over, the idea of giving someone or something more attention may seem like a luxury you cannot afford. After all, as a mentor once told me, “Your work will expand to the time you give it.”

  • Upcoming Events ...

    July 23, 2021

    Have fun with Hackley Library’s Summer Photo Challenge! This free challenge will run through August 14.

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