Reenactors to take over USS?LST 393 on Saturday

It’s 75 years ago and World War II is coming to an end.

Soldiers, sailors and Marines are on board the warship, going through their daily routines preparing for combat. Their uniforms are inspection-ready, their weapons loaded.

And you are there.

At least, you could be there if you come to USS LST 393 Veterans Museum Saturday, July 25, to see live World War II re-enactors on duty throughout the ship all day.

Dressed in authentic uniforms and carrying weapons of the era, they will explain what life was like for those who served during wartime.

“Ghosts from the Past” takes place on LST 393, a “landing ship tank” that made three invasions during World War II including Omaha Beach on D-Day. The
museum opens at 10 am and the last ticket is sold at 4 pm, $10 for adults $5 for students.

One of the highlights of the event will be “live fire” weapons demonstrations with the old guns. Of course, the reenactors will be using blanks only … really loud blanks.

LST 393 is located at the Mart Dock adjacent to Heritage Landing county park on the downtown Muskegon waterfront. More information is available at or by calling 231-726-8794.