Removing Probate mysteries


 On Thursday, March 17, at the Troy Community Center, the Citizen’s Alliance of the Oakland County Probate and Circuit Courts conducted a free seminar for senior citizens and their families explaining the Probate Court’s role in wills, estates, trusts, guardianships, and conservatorships.  

Taking part in the seminar titled “Removing The Mysteries of Probate Court” were (left to right) Michael J. Hughes from the law firm of Booth Patterson PC, Probate Register Jill Koney Daly from the Oakland County Probate Court, and Client Advisor David Maksymetz from JPMorgan Chase Bank.  

“We have been removing the mysteries of the Probate Court for some 20 years now,” said Daly. “We go to local community centers and let folks know that probate is not something to be avoided and we give them information so that they can make their own decision about their estate plan.”

Photo by John Meiu