Board of Commissioners passes Triennial Budget for 2011-2014

Last Wednesday, the Oakland County Board of Commissioners unanimously adopted a balanced budget for Fiscal Years (FY) 2011-2012, 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 at the Board meeting. The budget was presented by the Oakland County Board of Commissioners' Finance Committee Chairman Thomas F. Middleton to the 25-member Board.

"Since mid-July, the Finance Committee has worked with all elected officials and departments. After reviewing Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson's, proposed recommended budget, the Finance Committee presented a recommended budget that included amendments to the County Executive's budget. Today, I am very proud that we have presented a balanced budget which the full board has passed," stated Finance Committee Chairman Thomas F. Middleton.

As part of the budget process, the Board of Commissioners' Finance Committee looked at all areas of the budget. The Human Resources along with the Planning and Building committees also reviewed the recommended budget before it was presented to the full Board for consideration.

"I am pleased with the effort the Finance Committee and the Department heads of the County have put forward to get the budget balanced through 2014," said Michael Gingell, chairman of the Board of Commissioners.

"While members of the Board have had hard and passionate debates on programs, program funding, budget amendments and ways to reduce the county's spending, ultimately, we unanimously adopted a budget that keeps the county in the black and ensures we are not spending more than we are taking in. It is critical that we continue to be fiscally responsible, say no to items that we cannot afford and provide the best programs and services to our residents based on the revenues that we are anticipating."

The Board of Commissioners Finance Committee consists of Oakland County Commissioners: Finance Chairperson Thomas F. Middleton, Finance Vice Chairperson Shelley Goodman Taub, Finance Minority Vice Chairperson David Woodward, Kathy Crawford, Tim Greimel, Christine Long, David Potts, Jim Runestad, Nancy Quarles, and Helaine Zack.

Budget Highlights:

* This year's Triennial Budget proposed includes all funds of $796 million for FY 2012, $783 million for FY 2013, and $790 million for FY 2014.

* The county's general property tax will remain unchanged at 4.19 mills.

* There are no salary changes for employees for 2012 and 2013, but in 2014 there may be a 1% increase in salaries for employees.

* The vote was unanimous with the full board voting in favor of the budget.

* The Board has met the new Fiscal Year October 1, 2011 deadline.

A copy of the County Executive's Recommended Budget can be reviewed online at www.

Published: Mon, Sep 26, 2011


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