Students watch Supreme Court case in Caro, Mich.

CARO, Mich. (AP) -- About 200 students from schools in the Thumb have watched the Michigan Supreme Court in their own community.

The court took justice on the road last Thursday by hearing a case at the Tuscola Technology Center in Caro, 100 miles from the state capital. Students and teachers from at least eight high schools were in the audience.

The court heard arguments in an insurance dispute. Mona Lisa Frazier of Macomb County broke her ankle while outside her pickup truck, and a jury awarded her $433,000. Allstate Insurance had cut off benefits after claiming that Frazier's fall was on icy pavement and had nothing to do with her vehicle.

One of the issues is whether Frazier was trying to close the passenger door when she fell.

Published: Mon, Oct 31, 2011