Army vet loses appeal over verbal abuse verdict

DETROIT (AP) -- A federal appeals court agrees that a U.S. Army veteran doesn't deserve millions of dollars because co-workers in suburban Detroit mocked him for his disabilities.

The court on Wednesday affirmed the decision of a federal judge in Ann Arbor who struck down a $4.3 million verdict for James McKelvey. He lost his right hand and suffered other permanent injuries in a bombing in Iraq in 2004.

McKelvey returned to Michigan and worked as an explosive specialist at the Army's Warren Arsenal in suburban Detroit but left because of verbal abuse from co-workers. In 2010, a judge said reinstating McKelvey would be a better remedy than a jury's award of millions.

McKelvey was offered a $71,000 job but declined. The appeals court says he deserves some back pay.

Published: Fri, Dec 16, 2011