Firm expands services with Family Law, bankruptcy

Beier Howlett PC announces the expansion of its legal services with the reintroduction of its Family Law Division, led by Mike Salhaney, and the recent introduction of the Bankruptcy Division led by Victor Veprauskas. These practice groups will better serve clients who may require a variety of legal services due to the ramifications of divorce.

The Family Law Division handles matters including divorce, custody, child and spousal support issues, and other lesser known aspects of the law including annulment and separate maintenance action.

"Divorce can create other legal issues that must be dealt with efficiently through trusted legal counsel," said Mike Salhaney, chair of the Family Law practice group. "Oftentimes, a client seeking a divorce is also going through a bankruptcy or is involved in a business venture with their spouse. We have the in-house expertise to offer full-service legal support, which can provide stability and clarity for restarting their life."

Beier Howlett specializes in Business Law, Estate Planning and now Bankruptcy Law as well. Clients seeking a divorce will have the advantage of consolidating any related legal needs under one roof, making Beier Howlett a "One-Stop-Shop."

"When the divorce proceedings are concluded, clients will need to take into account the changes in their lives by revisiting their estate plans, such as their trusts and wills" said Salhaney. "Consulting our estate planning attorneys can offer stability and confidence moving forward."

"Near the end of 2010, we saw more and more of our small business clients experience financial hardships," said Veprauskas. "Because they're often operating a family-owned business, many times they're also drawing on their home equity or using personal credit cards to finance the business. When their business struggles, so do they personally.

"I want to be able to not only work with my clients to resolve bankruptcy issues, but also provide a roadmap to help them manage their long term finances," Veprauskas added. "As a service-oriented firm, we're more than just bankruptcy petition preparers. We can now offer personal or creditor-side bankruptcy help, along with a full range of business litigation services."

Beier Howlett has traditionally offered Family Law services and is proud to once again introduce these services to clients.

Published: Fri, May 18, 2012


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