Warren honored with Judge John N. O'Brien Award


 On Wednesday, June 13, Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Michael Warren was honored with the Judge John N. O’Brien Award by the Oakland County Republican Party at the Annual Salute to Justice event.  This award is given annually to distinguished jurists who exemplify excellence in the judiciary.  

“I am very honored and humbled to be recognized after only nine years on the bench,” Warren remarked.  He took the opportunity to have the hundred-plus lawyers and judges in attendance recite the Pledge of Allegiance.  He stated that: “Our citizens need to understand that we pledge ourselves ‘to the republic.’”  
He underscored that the U.S. system of justice is the finest example of the founding First Principles in action – such as the rule of law and the protection of unalienable rights.  
“Our nation is at crisis, because too many have forgotten our founding First Principles and history.  And each of us needs to be engaged to save our free republic.  It took over a generation to create this crisis, and it will take a generational struggle to save us.  Each of you has that responsibility,” he concluded.
On hand to present the award to Warren were Judge O’Brien’s widow, Del O’Brien;  his daughter, Shannon O’Brien; and his son, John N. O’Brien II.  
Shannon O’Brien commented: “It is with great pride that our family presents the Judge John N. O’Brien award each year in memory of our father. With admiration for this year’s recipient’s love of the law, my brother, John II, and I joined our mom to present the award to Judge Michael Warren. We know the spirit of our dad’s passion for justice is well reflected by Judge Warren’s service on the 6th Circuit bench.”  
Warren’s daughter Leah was also in attendance to witness her father’s achievement. Leah and Judge Warren co-created Patriot Week in 2009 when Leah was just 10 years old.
Warren currently serves as the presiding judge of the Oakland County Circuit Court – Criminal/Civil Division.  He is also the chair of Patriot Week Inc. and Cornerstone Schools Association, and is a former member of the State Board of Education.