Feds recommend no prison for militia member

DETROIT (AP) -- Prosecutors agree that a man who was a member of a southern Michigan militia shouldn't be sent to prison when he returns to court for his sentence next month.

Joshua Clough of Blissfield served two years in jail before his release in April when he pleaded guilty to possessing machine guns. Federal prosecutors in Detroit say that's plenty, but they still want him to be placed on supervised release, or probation, for at least two years.

In a court filing last Friday, prosecutors say Clough possessed guns in connection with "dangerous activities" as a member of the Hutaree militia. Clough's lawyer says supervision isn't necessary. He'll be sentenced Aug. 8.

Nine militia members were charged with conspiring to rebel against the government, but a judge dismissed most charges in March.

Published: Tue, Jul 17, 2012