Judicial candidate info. available for primary

Need more information about the Oakland County judicial candidates for today's primary election? That information can be found on the website of the Oakland County Bar Association (www.ocba.org), where a series of judicial candidate forum recordings are posted.

In June, the Oakland County Bar Association (OCBA), in partnership with the League of Women Voters Oakland Area and the Detroit Free Press, hosted a series of judicial forums in Oakland County districts to provide voters with an opportunity to hear their candidates speak about pertinent issues before the primary election.

Each forum consisted of a panelist from the OCBA and the Detroit Free Press and was moderated by a representative from the Legal of Women Voters. The community was also invited to attend and submit questions for responses by the candidates.

Additionally, the candidates completed Judicial Candidate Questionnaires, which are also posted on the OCBA website so community members can read the candidates' answers in addition to viewing their performance at the forum.

This partnership is nonpartisan and that the respective organizations will not support or oppose candidates (the Detroit Free Press has since issued their own endorsements for judicial candidates preceding the elections). The partners in the Judicial Candidate Forum project strive to provide factual, nonpartisan information to citizens regarding candidates' qualifications and views.

The forums can be viewed at http://www.ocba.org/OCBA-Partners-to-Host-Judicial-Candidate-Fora.id.2521.htm.

Published: Tue, Aug 7, 2012


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