Archives of Mich. offers searchable census data

LANSING (AP) -- The Archives of Michigan says more than 62,000 Michigan state census records from 1884 and 1994 are now available online to search and print for free.

Archivist Jessica Miller from the Archives of Michigan recently said that the records will help family history researchers track important data, such as more extensive information about women and children. In Michigan prior to 1884, she said only numerical data about women and children was collected.

Michigan conducted its own censuses at various times. Between 1854 and 1904, they were conducted every 10 years.

Until 1884, census takers recorded names and occupations only for men over age 21. The information collected expanded in 1894, however.

The 1884 and 1894 state census records fill in gaps in the federal record.



Published: Thu, Dec 6, 2012


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