Jury rules against prison officer in rap dispute

LAPEER, Mich. (AP) -- A jury has ruled against a Michigan prison employee who says she was illegally reassigned after telling lawmakers that young inmates at the Lapeer prison were being coddled.

Ruth Mosholder was a school officer at the prison. She wrote a letter to lawmakers, complaining about prison-sponsored rap contests in 2008 and saying the prison lacked overall discipline.

Mosholder sued after she was turned into a general prison officer and required to work weekends and holidays. She claims it was illegal retaliation, but a Detroit federal jury disagreed last Thursday after a brief trial last week.

The Corrections Department says Mosholder was reassigned because of conflicts with staff over her job performance. As for the rap contests, officials say lyrics were screened and any profanity or gang references caused disqualification.

Published: Mon, Feb 11, 2013