Association to celebrate 20th anniversary

The Chaldean American Bar Association (CABA) will present its Annual Anniversary Celebration & Scholarship Dinner Celebrating 20 Years on Thursday, June 6, at Shenandoah Country Club from 6 to 9 p.m.

CABA is honored to have Michigan Supreme Court Justice David Viviano as the keynote speaker. He has always been a supporter of the Chaldean bommunity, and the board is pleased to have him speak to their guests. Event co-chairs Lydia D. Ammori and Chantel Bahoura are eager to share their support.

CABA will also be recognizing Salman T. Sesi of Sesi & Sesi PC and State Representative Klint Kesto, 39th District. Sesi is a leader as one of the first Chaldean attorneys. His dedication to the legal community as well as overall mentorship deserves to be recognized.

"I feel honored to be recognized by the Chaldean American Bar Association on their 20th anniversary. It does not seem so long ago that I started out as the only Chaldean attorney and now see our numbers have grown tremendously. It is my hope that all the Chaldean attorneys strive for excellence in their practices and give back to the community," says Sesi.

Kesto's success within public office has furthered the public good and the Chaldean people as a whole. "I am honored to be recognized on the occasion of CABA's 20th anniversary celebration. The community has impacted me greatly in my decision to move forward in politics. I hope to make you proud as the first Chaldean to represent the great people of Michigan in the State House of Representatives," says Kesto.

"We are honored to have Justice David Vivano give the keynote address, and honor the achievements of Salman Sesi and Klint Kesto, as well as the Chaldean attorneys altogether the past 20 years," says Paul Jonna, CABA president.

CABA is a special purpose bar association currently comprised of more than 100 attorneys and law students dedicated to promoting justice, legal education and community service. CABA seeks to obtain these goals through its indigent legal advisory services, attorney referral directory, needs-based scholarships, employment information, and networking opportunities.

CABA was founded as a special purpose bar association in 1993. Since that time, it has brought Chaldean attorneys and law students together. It has also been active in a number of community and civic projects. The goals and drive of CABA is to gain a stronger presence for the Chaldean community and to provide tools and resources to members so that they may further succeed in their legal practice.

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Published: Thu, May 23, 2013